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There and back today (April 16, 2019).

For those who are fans of the Lord of the Rings, I am sure a few of you are familiar with the title of Bilbo Baggins' book "There and back Again", a chronicle of his journeys in Middle Earth.

Today, April 16th, at 6pm EST, a key advocate for the Atlanta nightlife and inter-related community is going there and back here. And that is Je' Wesley.

As a key positive presence behind Cocktail Chronicles, 100 Proof (the show that airs again on Tuesdays on Rolling Out), and the Atlanta Nightlife Alliance, things took a drastically adverse turn in mid-November. After doing his monthly Atlanta Nightlife Alliance series, he is the victim of a brutal attack. On top of being hurled slurs and insults about his ethnic background and other matters, he is beaten brutally to the point where he is within inches of his life.

As he comes off his hiatus, it's more than just time for him to recovery physically and mentally. It's about a renewal in the work he is doing via the Atlanta Nightlife Alliance leading to his eventual return to the aforementioned work, culminating in his return to the show 100 Proof.

On today's return show, the release of his documentary "Facts Don't Lie, but People Do" is the culmination of his journey from events in November. After airing on Rolling Out magazine (click HERE to view), he'll have a press conference noting next steps and continued advocacy, not just for himself, but for others whose experiences may have been swept under the rug, let alone acknowledged.

There are still opportunities to be a part of today's press conference. For details, please contact Dontaye Carter (

Any time there is an incident of this type, not responding only sets the stage for similar actions to take place, if not worse.

Today's show is more than just a show, and more than just sharing actual adverse (if not worse) experiences. It is about responding to the call for advocacy and empowerment in hoping things can be vastly better than at present.

It's about going there and coming back again, and doing so in an even stronger manner in heeding the call.

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