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A landmark year for a landmark initiative: Divas and Dolls by Fiyah Tyressa Ty

Technically, when you do something for a year, it can be considered a landmark of sorts; after all, you and those around you know the hard work, focus, and dedication it takes to make an idea come to life. When you do so for five consecutive years, especially during the holiday season, things take on a deeper meaning.

Enter Fiyah Tyressa Ty, the brand and road manager for hip-hop icon Doug E. Fresh.

Since 2013, this presence in the entertainment industry (along with being an author, corporate trainer, and celebrity host) takes her role of community advocate to another level. With her #DivasAndDolls initiative, her early goal of providing outreach to young women under the mantra of "Every girl around the world deserves a doll" is more than a catch-phrase or local initiative. In recent years, her ability to connect with some truly amazing female entrepreneurs, as well as colleagues in the entertainment industry, provides a platform that is truly national and eventually international in nature and overall reach.

"The focus is to collect dolls for young women to provide a sense of encouragement and cheer during the holidays, as it aligns with our larger goal. Each girl is a doll in their own right, and with a doll being a young girl's "first friend", it takes on an added meaning regarding one's self-image and self-identity", Ty emphasizes.

This year, states and cities located in Louisiana, California, Virginia, Texas, Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, New York, Georgia, Tennessee, and Washington DC (covering a total of 15 cities), including a wide-range of businesses and related entities are taking an active role with the initiative. Jackson Attorneys at Law, Jazzie Belle TV, and Rose Beton Boutique are among the official sponsors. Unrivaled Magazine, Attitude Adjustment TV, Soapy Faith, Complete Choice Center, and Global Tax Service as serving as community sponsors.

With a wide range of professionals in multiple cities and state, combined with larger community support, the goal of providing holiday cheer may be achieved and exceeded. Dr Trina P, Author Paula Hutchinson, Jessica Francois Johnson, Denise Evans Robinson, Chauvon Landry, Tamria Cherie, Sherie Thomas, Sierra Rainge-Jones, Dr. Scharmaine Lawson, Chauna Banks, Tyrica Hendricks-Duckett, Leontine Abdullah, Frage Randall, Tasha Mills-Smith, Robin Charles-Livingston, RoSeletta Johnson, and Darica Simon are playing key roles with the collection of dolls and having them delivered prior to the December 24th deadline, just in time for Christmas. Even Tameka "Tiny" Harris (from VH1's "TI and Tiny: The Family Hustle) is lending her support to this initiative.

For a complete listing of all participants, along with drop-off points, please make sure to reference the flyer (provided in the article). Those who are interested in making an online or general donation are encouraged to reach out to to do so prior to the previously mentioned (December 24th) deadline to ensure timely delivery during the holiday season. For additional information, readers are encouraged to visit and add Fiyah Tyressa Ty (on Facebook), as well as @FiyahTyressaTy (on Instagram and Twitter) for breaking updates.

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