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Remember. Natina.

On Sunday, October 28th, the last Sunday of the month isn't exactly like most Sunday evenings. While people may not look forward to the conclusion of the weekend, something very special takes place this past evening.

It's an opportunity to look back, remember, make a positive impact, and make some positive moves.

Members of the group Blaque (Shamari DeVoe and Brandi Williams) serve as the gracious hosts of the Remembering Natina 90's Party. Taking place at a private location in the Buckhead District (in Atlanta), the 90's attired themed party draws people across R and B, hip-hop, and other music genres.

But it's more than just a party; there's a sincere meaning behind the event.

The event serves as a celebration of life as Natina Reed's birthday happens to be the day of the event (October 28th). Even with her passing 6 years ago (due to being struck by an automobile), her presence is ever-present the entire evening and beyond.

One of Reed's favorite charities, Susan G. Komen, is supported by the event. Given their work with breast cancer, along with a number of breast cancer survivors in attendance, a positive energy and vibe truly fills the atmosphere. In fact, the Natina Reed Award is given to Janeh Jackson. Her work within the industry makes her a key figure, but given her advocacy for health and other community initiatives (as her mother, aunt, and her twin pass due to breast cancer).

Along with the support of family members and friends ranging from Tamara Goodridge (Natima's mother), Reigndrop Lopes (the sister of TLC's Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes), and others, the event truly is a party with a purpose. Celebrating their fellow member and sister's life, supporting a great cause, and adding a major announcement their studio album Torch (which includes Reed's last recordings) is finally slated for an upcoming release (as only snippets are allowed in recent years), it truly is an evening to remember.

A timely event hosted by a timely group. Good people across the board coming together for a celebration, supporting a great cause, and ready to embark on some truly amazing projects.

This is how to remember someone near and dear.

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