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Cruising for a cause

May is one of the best months of the year. When you think about it, spring clearly is in effect, and with a wide range of events, warmer weather, and the school year coming to a close, it's time to as best as possible, kick back and relax.

With Memorial Day Weekend literally here, one event which fits the bill takes place on Saturday, May 26th (from 5-10pm). Hosted by Official Pro Players, their All-Inclusive Hawaiian Cruise clearly fits the bill of "cruising for a cause".

Under the leadership of former NFL-player Walt Harris, the Hawaiian themed event is more than a way to spend the day on "the lake" (Lake Lanier). It's more than special guests such as (but not limited to) connecting with former players, including the likes of Jay Barnett (author and poet), along with the presence of Cocktail Chronicles, and even hosted by Hot Noize Radio's Peter Parker. And it's more than a weekend getaway.

It's about what Official Pro Players always does, and that's to do something for a bigger purpose.

Proceeds from the event support the 501c3 (nonprofit) organization Rose of Sharon. Under the mantra of "Bruised but not Broken", the foundation provides support resources and advocacy for victims of domestic violence and homelessness. Through the leadership of their director, Rhonda Thompson (and through her own journey), services ranging from emergency housing, crisis intervention, counseling, job-training, parenting, and more, they are able to provide a safe space and positive impact women and children.

Limited day-passes are available (click HERE to make a purchase). Likewise, to learn more about the complete range of services the nonprofit provides, make sure to visit their site (click HERE to learn more).

When it comes to events with a purpose and supporting the community, Official Pro Players does not play around. Their events are full of festivity, fellowship, and supporting a bigger purpose.

This Saturday, come cruise for a cause.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The date of the event is rescheduled to June 23, 2018 (from 5-10pm). Please note the date change. You may still refer to the website and links (embedded in the article) for details, including ticket purchases.

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