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Support for student-athletes and more: The Official Pro Players ATL Mixer

Many people are likely going to remember the big game on February 4, 2018 for the 41-33 victory scored by the Philadelphia Eagles over the New England Patriots. Maybe they'll recall some of the commercials (hit or miss), the halftime performance, or other glaring facts up for debate and discussion.

However, for the sold-out audience at the February 4, 2018 event at the Westside Cultural Arts Center in Atlanta is more than just people watching a game. It's about building solid relationships, networking, and raising funds for some great causes. Hosted by Official Pro Players (click HERE to visit the site), the mixer is a sound blend of former players, professionals, and others in helping make a difference.

Under the leadership of Walt Harris (a 13-year NFL veteran defensive back), last night's event provides some drawings and giveaways. With a VIP list including (but not limited to) Jasmine Guy, Dwayne Boyd (whose work includes shows such as Queen Sugar as well as the acting coach for Janelle Monet), the media group Virtual Eminence, Cocktail Chronicles (from the highly rated show "100 Proof" on Sensation Station), Cherry G (from the equally highly rated "Destiny Talk Live" on the Sensation Station Network), and others, the "star" power is more than just one's title. It's about the work they are doing in their respective fields, along with supporting some outstanding causes.

(Photo credit: Andrew Snorton. Top row (left to right): cover art (via Official Pro Players), Walt Harris (on the right) greeting his guests, and some of the red carpet media. Second row from the top (left to right): some of the red carpet media, Cocktail Chronicles editor Je' Wesley (right hand side of the photo and his guests), and other VIP's (including the father of Raven Symone on the far right). Third row (left to right): Ms. Robin Carroll (being interviewed), the executive director of Virtual Eminence Media Group, Andrew with some of the Falcons' cheerleaders, and Andrew again with the leadership of Virtual Eminence Media Group. Bottom row (left to right): Dwayne Boyd (actor, photographer, and acting coach), Dondre Anderson (owner of Symphony Chips), and Je' Wesley (editor of Cocktail Chronicles).

Proceeds from the event support scholarship and related opportunities for student-athletes. Likewise, with support of different organizations who work with youth, as well as resource to combat domestic violence, the organization is more than just providing quality social events and outlets, but truly "making moves" and helping make a difference in the community.

Meeting, greeting, networking, and making an impact is what makes Official Pro Players (click HERE to contact them, as well as add them on Facebook and Instagram) different from other entities. It's more than just about having an event for the big game.

It's about reminding others of the difference makers they can be and are needed.

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