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Engage during the day - be better prepared for V'Day (or ANY day)

In the early 1990's, fans of the New Jack Swing sub-genre of R and B recall a group by the name of Intro and their song Love Thang (click HERE to refresh your memory), let alone the house-music influenced song by a similar title by Ce Ce Penniston (again, click HERE to refresh your memory). Regardless, the themes of love, having fun, enjoying some time with a wonderful person are ones that a number can identify with.

And then there's Valentine's Day literally right around the corner.

With a focus on taking a little extra time and emphasis to let someone know how valued and appreciated they are (yes, you should do what you can to do so each day, but every once in a while, a little extra can be a good thing), sometimes, people may be at a loss of ideas outside of dinner, candy, and other "norms". Enter Dr. Lisa Smith; via her efforts and services provided through her company, The Gift of Knowledge Hub, LLC (click HERE to visit the website), an event taking place during the afternoon of February 10, 2018 can provide some creative ways to celebrate not only that day, but any day.

February 10th can help you get ready for V-Day and beyond!

From 12-4pm (on the aforementioned date) at The Grandstand Clubhouse (3500 Windcliff Dr SE in Marietta, GA), The Love Event provides a highly interactive and engaging way for creative and accessible ways for making a special day and person feel so and more. With emphasis placed on pampering, beverages, light food, music, and more, it can be a good resource for those to add to their proverbial palette.

Likewise, spa gift baskets and related items are available for purchase. The event is free (no cover), but with spaces filling quickly (just in time for the 14th and beyond), it is highly recommended to register via Eventbrite (click HERE to register).

Interactive, creative, and engaging ways to relax and partake of creative and invigorating concepts is something that a number of people can clearly benefit from. Making time to enjoy the afternoon function can help with upcoming key dates to make a good outing even better.

When it's a Love Thing, it can be a good (if not great) thing!

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