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When players play for a purpose

Some are familiar with the legendary hip-hop group Outkast and their introduction to the music industry, Players' Ball. The refrain starts off with the words, "All the players came, from far and wide".

When it comes to the events and the community-related causes supported by Official Pro Players, it'll be more than just former players coming from all over; the larger Metro-Atlanta community is invited and encouraged to do so as well.

Under the direction of the team led by Walt Harris (who formerly and sequentially plays with the Chicago Bears, Indianapolis Colts, Washington Redskins, and San Francisco 49'ers), Official Pro Players does more than host social events grounded in having former players, professionals, and related audiences meet, greet, and network. With a focus on keeping all of their members socially active, socially responsible, and socially involved in their communities, they are able to lend their presence and influence to better advocate for multiple causes and areas of need.

This is the viewing event for the big game where former players and others will be!  Likewise, proceeds from the event support community programs, so get your ticket now (at buy one and get a second for half off)!

On Sunday, February 4, 2018, they are hosting their Atlanta Premiere viewing party. Complete with a red carpet entry, premium food and beverages, opportunities to meet, greet, and connect with former NFL players (who are a part of the network), along with multiple vendors, raffles, and prizes, it promises to provide a festive and mature setting for all in attendance. Taking place at the Westside Cultural Art Center from 5-10:30pm (760 10th St NW in Atlanta, GA), for a limited time, tickets are available online (click HERE to purchase) for buy one and get a second for half price (there are VIP options available as well).

With proceeds from the event supporting their area chapters, scholarships, and charities (click HERE to learn about some of the charities they support), this event, as with all of their events, follow the mantra and mindset of having a "party with a purpose". Former players, a broad-based blend of professionals coming together for a great outing supporting some good causes, and being able to catch the big game in one of the top venues in the city? Clearly, this is where all the players play, and they do so for a greater mission and purpose.

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