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Make it happen for Chicago through couture

Make it happen is a catchphrase that a number of people use. It evokes a sense of urgency, focus, and covering as much ground as possible in making as positive and powerful an impact as possible.

Ranging from the work we do, the work we do with others, and the work of others we are able to share and support, there are a number of people whose efforts reflect this mantra. And in Chicago, specifically in the Englewood community, there's something taking place that is "couture-driven" that is custom fit for deserving young people and their educational endeavors.

Through the creation of the "Make it Happen" shawl, it's more than just having a custom one-size-fits-all shawl that can be worn for all seasons for multiple occasions, ranging from "all-white" theme events, Women's Day, and related functions where white is the required and preferred attire. It's about supporting the efforts of Marcletta R. Kerr and her efforts to give back to the neighborhood where she grows up.

Kerr, who is a member (and immediate past president of the Chi Omega Omega Chapter based in Chicago, IL) of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., along with her efforts through the Marcletta R. Kerr Endowment Fund, is sincerely committed and driven in providing outreach opportunities for students from her neighborhood and beyond. Through purchases of the shawl, a portion of the proceeds are donated to the fund which in turn provides scholarship opportunities for students based in the Englewood community.

Do it for the couture!  A portion of the proceeds from purchases of the "Make it Happen" shawl support the Marcletta R. Kerr Endowment Fund, which in turn helps provide scholarships for students from the Englewood (Chicago, IL) community.

Aligned with the larger mission and purpose of the first intercollegiate sorority established for and by African-American women (on January 15, 1908 on the campus of Howard University in Washington, DC) under the mantra of "By Culture and Merit", it's an opportunity to lend support while doing so in a style and presence reflective of the elegance and grace exhibited by members of this community-centered organization. With the subtle "Make it Happen" slogan discreetly embroidered at the nape of the neck, it's a reminder that truly, together all can make positive things happen by working together, encouraging, and empowering each other.

Making it happen is what many are about; through the scholarship-based efforts of the Marcletta R. Kerr Endowment Fund, Ms. Kerr is making it happen.

Now's the time to help her make it happen too.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Purchases may be made online at (the cost per shawl is $44.99).

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