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Look good. Feel good. Do good. All for the #AlphaDerbyWeekend

After taking last week off due to working on a college tour via the LEAD Foundation and Preparing America's Tomorrow Today, as well as board meetings at Wake Forest University, we're back on track for the weekly business blog (usually on Thursdays but sometimes, it may be a little later).

Speaking of later, in a few weeks, one of the events we work with (and serve as a sponsor for), the #AlphaDerbyWeekend, takes place (May 5-7, 2017). The Kentucky Derby themed event is hosted by the Alphas of Atlanta, a collective of the 8 graduate chapters that serve the metro-Atlanta area. With it being a sophisticated weekend full of fun and festivity, the focus is on the 8 metro-area nonprofits supported by this event, and with an expected audience of well over 2000 (including patrons from Birmingham, Charlotte, Houston, and Chicago among other non-Atlanta cities), it should be a great affair.

However, people need to be able to look good, feel good, and do good. Next Thursday, April 20, 2017 all-day, with an extra emphasis on the times of 4-8pm, is an opportunity to do so.

Talbots (located at the Vinings Jubilee Shop Center at 4300 Paces Ferry Road in Atlanta) is providing attendees with an all-day shopping experience to get "Alpha Derby" ready in shopping for the contemporary styles that are sure to be a hit for the affair. As an added bonus, Keren Charles, Sudi Spence, Jernine Trott, and Vernell Washington, are serving as the hosts from 4-8pm. Ranging from the presence of Washington via her Grand Diva Enterprises providing one-of-a-kind hats and related attire to that of the aforementioned and related vendors, it is a very accessible way to get prepared for the experience that is the #AlphaDerbyWeekend.

As an added bonus, 10% of all pre-tax sales are donated to the Alphas of Atlanta Foundation as a means to lend support to the overall event, programming, and larger support for the metro-area nonprofits.

Working collaboratively can clearly be a positive for all entities involved. The general public "wins" given the ability to prepare for a festive occasion; the vendors and related supporters and planners of this and the larger #AlphaDerbyWeekend win, but most important, given the donations to the area nonprofits, the larger community wins.

And all that is asked is to look good, feel good, and do good.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For more details on the actual #AlphaDerbyWeekend, readers are encouraged to visit for ticket purchases, sponsorship, and related information. Readers may visit Instagram at Twitter (@alpha_derby or @alphasofatlanta), Facebook (Alphas of Atlanta public group as well as the public event #AlphaDerby - Alphas of Atlanta Kentucky Derby Themed Weekend), and download the free app on Apple and Google smartphone platforms (Alphas of Atlanta) for updates and related information.

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