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Not just a golden opportunity

A golden opportunity.

For some, it's about that once in a lifetime or once in a while chance for something good. Actually, something really good. That can be a new job or career, an opportunity to travel or take in a sporting event, the arts, or something that does not come around too often.

In that spirit, one of the community organizations we periodically work with, the Loganville-Conyers Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. (Sigma Eta Lambda Chapter) is making sure to bring back a golden opportunity which is truly golden in more ways than one.

On Saturday, April 22, 2017, the chapter is hosting the 3rd edition of its Gold Rush event. Departing in the early morning (usually about 7:30-8am), the chapter and its patrons are embarking on a 3 hour ride to Harrah's Casino (Cherokee, NC) to enjoy a fun, relaxed outing. Complete with a $20 playing card, time on the slots and tables, lunch (on your own), and light shopping (also on your own) are part of the day trip that is more than accessible and reasonable for those who are 21 and older.

Add to it light refreshments (food and beverages on the charter bus, but attendees may bring their own items for the bus only), along with the chapter's more than hospitable presence, the $50 per person day-trip is making it a growing social event for all. However, the chapter is more than being about having a good time; a portion of the proceeds are used to support their community initiatives, including one that is truly near and dear to them.

"We are fortunate to meet at Redemptive Life Christian Church and support one of their important outreach ministries", notes Joe Lee, who serves as the chapter president.

Ranging from the Iron Men Ministries to canned food and perishable items for the church's emergency pantry to help families in need, the members of the chapter take seriously their charge of being "first of all, servants of all, we shall transcend all". In supporting and volunteering with these stewardship and service-based entities, the phrase "party with a purpose" is truly part of what their day trip experience is all about.

As part of making things happen, this is a theme that clearly goes beyond business. Through their #GoldRush3, the chapter provides a price-accessible day trip complete with fun and fellowship, and regardless of what happens at the casino, their "golden opportunity" is more than the potential of returning with some winnings. In supporting programs that can provide a tier of support for those in need, they truly are focusing on moving "onward and upward".

NOTE: For more details, you may visit their website at; for more info about the Gold Rush, please visit to purchase your ticket.

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