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#GetToKnowJoe Atlanta, Chicago, Winston-Salem, and everyone else

There's nothing like the first time.

This can range from the first time you learn how to tie your shoes to your first date, or your first major purchase. Whether memorable or far from it, the first time is something you won't soon forget.

The same can be said for my first book, "Deeper than your deepest sleep: thoughts on love with Joseph Snorton". It's FINALLY here, available on (if you type the first half of the title in the search bar, the book is the first thing that pops up),and for those on social media, you can add on Facebook (click HERE), Twitter/Instagram (@authorasnorton), and the website (click HERE). Yes, it's a poetic rendition of a conversation between the author and his relative Joseph about matters of the heart. Yes, the first half is the author translating what his relative shares and the second half is where his relatives "flips the script" and interviews the author about relationships with family, friends, loved ones (past, present, and future) in looking at the different lenses of love.

Yes, it's a journey that is one grounded in sincerity, silliness, hurt, pain, wonder, and redemption. After all, what relationship or people of meaning and merit at different points in time haven't experienced such a wide range of emotions?

Atlanta is the first "launching" spot on February 12, 2017 from 3-5pm (Starbucks' upper loft at 1801 Howell Mill Road in Atlanta). Chicago is the next location, taking place February 18, 2017 from 1:30-3pm CST at Peach's Restaurant (at 47th and King in Chicago, specifically the Bronzeville Community). And Winston-Salem, NC is the next location at the Malloy-Jordan East Winston Library (1110 7th Street in Winston-Salem) on February 25, 2017.

There are more signings in store, partner programs ranging from support of the LEAD Foundation, Inc. and its efforts via #TheLiteracyProject (click HERE) and other community endeavors. However, this is more than a foray into writing. It's about capturing real-life stories of impact, challenging people to think, draw connections, or simply find the words for those who have something powerful and important to say, but have challenges in finding the words.

And therein is what makes this work and endeavor so important. Months of compiling, crying, reliving, being relieved, and coming up with an accessible piece of poetic art is merely the beginning. There's more to come.

Until then though, take a moment to #GetToKnowJoe.

Flyer credit: Jay Phelps

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