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Dealing with delays

A traffic delay.

A delay in travel plans.

A delay of game.

A delayed flight.

Delay usually has a disturbing connotation and undertone. In general, especially if we have and are planning and mapping things out, we want things to happen when we want them, the manner in which we prefer, and ultimately, we want things OUR way.

We all understand that sometimes, things don't work out our way. We run into delays or snafus, and we can respond in a number of ways. I know when there's a traffic delay and I check my GPS for alternate routes, and I see that everyone is taking the same secondary route I am taking, I don't always note to myself that we are all having a moment of genius at the same time.

There are some projects that I am still working on that are taking longer than expected; it just means I have to see what adjustments I need to make, give them time, make them, and proceed on moving forward with my goals, be they business or personal. And sometimes, we have to realize a delay can be a good thing; it allows us to evaluate what is taking place, and what we can do slightly differently or better in order to achieve our larger goal.

Ask the Chicago Cubs about a delay. One can argue that during the rain delay in the 7th and deciding game of the World Series, it halted Cleveland's momentum, as they came back from a 5-0 deficit to tie the game. After the rain delay, the Cubs had new life, and lo and behold, they end up winning the game and ending their World Series Championship drought since 1908.

Nobody truly is a fan of delays; however, delays could be a way to get you better prepared for what lies ahead.

Think of the plane delay. Sometimes, it means there could have been a mechanical issue the staff needed more time to work out in order for the plane to operate correctly and avoid some sort of disaster. Maybe that delay in traffic plans results in having more time or more money to spend on vacation, making it more enjoyable. Or perhaps that travel delay allows you to find a different space and place to enjoy a happy hour, or do some shopping until the traffic calms down.

The possibilities for delays are endless. They aren't always as bad as they seem. Even on the educational end, there are some people who have delayed in reaching out to us to work with their students. However, once they see that some of our first-time students scored very well on their FIRST time taking an exam (two high school juniors scored a 27 and a 23 respectively on the ACT's, and considering the top score is a 36, those are GOOD starting points and score), or for those who have delayed in reaching out to us for press and media services see that one of the people we are working with is landing multiple radio interviews, partially due to the behind the scenes work we are doing, sometimes, that delay can be a good thing.

We all have our goals and targets and should work hard and smart in reaching them; just remember that sometimes, a delay doesn't mean you are wrong or things are a total mess. It could allow you that extra amount of time to get it right and get it a little better than you actually planned.

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