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History-making and full of pageantry


What are some of the things that come to mind when you hear this word? Pomp and circumstance? Beauty?

Nothing wrong with thinking about these things, as this is what usually comes to mind when it comes to a beauty pageant. How about the words history-making? How about making an elite level event accessible to segments of the community who have the ability to compete, but are normally bypassed by the larger pageant format?

And how about being fully televised from start to finish?

Be a part of the history-making and groundbreaking Miss Georgia Prelims Pageant!

This is what the Miss Georgia Prelims Pageant is all about, and we are happy to support them via our press and media strategy and action planning. Taking place on Saturday, October 15, 2016, this event truly is historic in nature. Most pageants are partially televised; this one is fully televised on Comcast (Channel 29), meaning that is has a potential reach of 750,000 households in the state of Georgia.

Under the vision and execution of the pageant's director (who is a veteran of pageants in her own right), Latosha Lee is providing an elite-level and top-notch event that is truly accessible. With a $50 deposit, women up to the age of 25 are able to participate in an event grounded in the motto of "Excellence Crowns The Way". The same holds true for prospective sponsors, as the statewide reach in supporting an event grounded in celebrating the skill-sets, confidence levels, and overall self-view of women is indeed a good thing. Add to it a focus on awareness of childhood obesity, the concept and need for health and wellness is a key component of the pageant.

For more details, please visit their website (it is in order to get the process rolling for being a contestant, a sponsor, or patron (meaning get your ticket today). They are making it happen, and we're honored to playing a key role in helping them make it happen.

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