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Literacy and learning.

These are two essential concepts that go beyond the classroom. When you think of the ability to read and how it connects with vocabulary acquisition, writing, public speaking, and critical thinking and learning, it truly is a bridge for one's academic, professional, and personal development.

For too often, we speak to what people don't know, yet sit idly by.

Starting in the areas of Metro-Atlanta (August 20th), Winston-Salem, NC (August 27th), and Chicago (September 3rd), the launch of #TheLiteracyProject is a way to counter these issues. Patrons are asked to donate new or slightly used books for not only students (K-12), but adults. We note how people don't know enough about topics such as history, health and wellness, self-help, the arts, and other topics that may be glossed over in school or elsewhere, so here's a way to help out. Likewise, if people feel moved to make a donation, please do so in the form of a gift-card to a bookstore or even so purchases may be made (I'm asking for the amount of $8-$31 in honor of my birthday, August 31st).

Donations are scheduled for different schools and even churches. The Winston-Salem efforts are going to support the Malloy-Jordan East Winston Heritage Center to help with their reading programs. The Chicago efforts are going to Holy Angels Church to help them with their school's library and establishing one for their congregation and immediate community they serve, the Bronzeville community.

To date, the following are on board via donating books:

Sandra Braxton via the Braxton Agency: Donating copies of their book "Why Not Us", which provides a guide as to living a full live, even with infertility. Visit them on Facebook (The Braxton Agency) and Instagram (@thebraxtonagency) when you get a change.

Afriware Books: Based in Chicago, they are donating 10% of all sales through the end of September to support our Chicago efforts! Visit them at and enter the code LITERACYPROJECT at checkout. Likewise, add them on Facebook (Afri-Ware books, gifts, and cultural events) and Instagram (@afriwarebooks).

There are other authors forthcoming, so again, please help us in helping others.

If you have any questions about any of the sites, please make sure to contact us at when you have a moment.

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