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Winning on the court and in the community: the Georgia Spartans' health fair on June 12th

On the court, the Georgia Spartans (9-1) are the league leaders in the semi-professional United Men's Basketball League. Their regular season play earns them the top seed in the upcoming postseason (click HERE for more details).

However, their biggest wins are actually off the court and in the community.

On Saturday, June 12th, from 2-6pm EST (the location is 2771 Columbia Drive in Decatur, GA), the DeKalb Fitness Challenge provides the greater community an opportunity to gain access to resources and more. The fitness challenge component incorporates activities ranging from a Kid's Zone, Adult Fitness Challenges, and STEM Training among other best health practice activities. The screening activities involve a cooking class, health screenings, and other resources to educate, equip, and empower youth and adults. And with the support of District 3 County Commissioner (DeKalb County) Larry Johnson, it is a great way for community engagement and more.

There's still a need for volunteers, including dieticians, fitness professionals, and more. To be a part of the event and to volunteer (and lend assistance in these and related areas), readers are encouraged to email to lend assistance and larger support.

Winning is more than getting something in the "W"column. It's about doing something bigger and beyond just you.

And this is what the Georgia Spartans are all about.


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