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Visionary leadership: the launch of the VL Foundation

When it comes to the community, our nonprofits play an essential role. Ranging from awareness of community needs and areas of concerns to being the "bridge" to provide access to resources for a specific and/or wide-range of demographics, their presence can have a positive impact. For some, it's simply heeding the call to serve, but for others, there's a personal connection that fuels their passion and purpose.

On February 10, 2021 as one of our guests on The Conversation Corner, Vonora Lewis shares just that. While one of the professional hats is that of a sports journalist, there's an added energy and presence when it comes to speaking of her forthcoming community endeavor, the VL Foundation. Given her personal experience of losing both parents as a youth, her innate ability to connect and relate with young people experiencing the same situation is from a genuine space and place.

As a result, she and her leadership team are being proactive about the matter at hand.

The New York native, Xavier (New Orleans, LA) alum and member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc, is launching the VL Foundation on March 15, 2021. With focus areas connected with counseling, it reinforces the need for access to health and wellness resources for youth and beyond. Given the potential feelings of loss and abandonment a young person may when this situation comes up, to stem the potential for trauma and inter-related adverse impact on one's mental health, the leadership team takes an innovative, focused, and reassuring approach with all they work with (click HERE to learn more about them).

Additional programming focuses on college prep and workforce prep. Doing so allows the nonprofit to cast a relatively wide net for a growing range of student interests and beyond.

Those in the greater Washington, DC area (where they are based), including young professionals, "seasoned" professionals, alumni clubs, and members of civic organizations (i.e. fraternities, sororities, and related entities), let alone other areas, are invited to lend their support to their programming. Ranging from volunteering, serving as a speaker, mentor, along with sponsorship and donations, there are a solid range of ways to simply get involved (click HERE to find out more).

Understanding and relatable are key components for any community organization. And that's exactly what the VL Foundation is all about.

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