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Understanding and knowing as it relates to the criminal justice system

To better understand, it helps when people get a point of reference.

When it comes to understanding the criminal justice system and knowing your rights, it's an ongoing discussion for anyone, including this coming Thursday.

Taking place on July 22nd at 7pm EST, the Dupage County NAACP (click HERE to find out more about their chapter) is hosting a virtual (Zoom) panel discussion. Under the title of Understanding the Criminal Justice System: Knowing Your Rights, it provides a learning opportunity along with teachable moments for people to get an improved initial point of reference related to the system.

The panelists for the event are Louisa Nuckolls, Esq (the Assistant State's Attorney for the DuPage County State's Attorney's Office) and Brittany Pedersen, Esq (a Criminal Defense Attorney). Both bring a solid range of experience for the discussion designed to provide essential and general information to those in attendance. Moderated by Dr Vincent Gaddis, the questions raised and topics covered help make this a rich and engaging way to community to simply be better aware of the general framework of the larger system.

Registration for the event is free (click HERE to register).

This Thursday provides a virtual opportunity to gain access to information and resources to better inform the immediate and larger community.

It's about better understanding and knowing, so get in the know on the 22nd (this Thursday).


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