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Top seed in the UMBL Playoffs: the Georgia Spartans prevail 135-130 over the Atlanta Legends

On Saturday, May 15th, the Georgia Spartans and Atlanta Legends resumed their rivalry in setting the tone for the United Men's Basketball League (semi-professional basketball). Both teams enter the last game of the regular season with 8-1 records (the Legends' only loss is to the Georgia Spartans - click HERE to find out more) and have plenty at stake going into the game beyond bragging rights. For the Spartans, a win means the top overall top seed in the #UMBLHoops playoffs along with a season sweep; for the Legends, it gives them a stronger claim to the top spot and avoiding a season sweep.

Let the games begin.

Early 1st quarter action sees the Spartans racing out to a 7 point lead thanks to solid interior offense. However, tremendous 3-point shooting by the Legends makes it a 33-32 game at the end of the quarter. While you'd expect the law of averages to catch up with both teams, clearly, it did not. Continued offensive excellence from both teams keeps the game at a high and intense pace; by halftime, it's a 64-63 lead by the Spartans.

The two evenly matched teams would continue with the high paced offense. The Spartans would push the lead into double digits, but the Legends maintain sound perimeter play; with a few stops, the game returns to its customary single digit margin. Going into the 4th quarter, the Spartans have a 107-100 lead.

With 35.4 seconds left in the 4th quarter, a late run by the Spartans provides some "breathing" room with a 5 point lead (135-130). However, an unexpected and seemingly controversial turn of events leads to one of the Legends' players getting ejected from the game; as a result of continued back-and-forth between the official and player, the game is called.

A 42 point effort by "Bird", along with 23 points from Joseph Solomon and a solid 20 point effort from Parysh Munroe lead the way for the Georgia Spartans. A win is a win, but both teams likely would have preferred to play out the remaining seconds. Going into next week's postseason play, the Georgia Spartans (9-1) hold the top seed with the Atlanta Legends (8-2) as the second seed. Given both games are decided by a mere 12 points, it's quite possible to see both teams compete for "all the marbles" provided they navigate through challenging early round play.

Saturdays and semi-professional basketball with the Georgia Spartans.

Notes: All photos and video recorded by Andrew Snorton.

Video keys: The videos provides snapshots of game action and post-game with Parysh Munroe.


  1. Top row (left to right): Snapshots of the game flyer, along with the Spartans during timeout and on the free throw line.

  2. Bottom row (left to right): Additional snapshots of the Spartans coming together, along with some game action.


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