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This is for You: the powerful music of Moyani


When you hear the word, what comes to mind?

For some, it can be cumbersome. For others, it's a way to challenge and expand your creative tendencies.

When creative minds including Anthony Page (who is the director of the video), James Newsome (the COO of Sayvya Records), and Mobley (of Mobley Marketing) come together, it's more than just the "standard" arts and entertainment project or endeavor. Incorporating the talented work of Neo-Inspirational Singer Moyani and the song "You" is something even bigger.

In our recent roundtable, Newsome and Mobley share their individual and collective journeys given their previous work and how it leads them to their current work. Motivation, inspiration, and addressing the need for calm and encouragement are just a few of the elements covered when discussing the artistic excellence of the song "You".

Not only is the single (which is available on all platforms) a powerful and compelling track which leaves a settling and calming effect on the ear and soul, but it encompasses the needed and necessary themes of faith and encouragement in action.

The song is available on all major music platforms, making it a "must listen" for simply pausing, reflecting, gaining perspective, and moving forward with more "ordered steps".

Then again, in watching and listening, you can see and feel why this is a timely song for a timely time.

Creatives coming together to produce sights, sounds, and a song that clearly stirs the soul in a more than satisfying manner.

This is the effect Moyani has for You.


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