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The Winner's Circle too: the Alphas of Atlanta inaugural #AlphasOfAtlantaOpen (golf tournament)

Since 2015, a signature event of the Alphas of Atlanta, Inc. is the #AlphaDerbyWeekend. Prior to the pandemic, their Kentucky Derby themed event (click HERE for more information) grows from a 1st year audience of 900 (in 2015 for a 2-day event) to a combined attendance of approximately 7000 in its past 2 (2018 and 201 as a3-day series) pre-"now normal" times.

The collective of the Metro-Atlanta graduate chapters of the oldest of the "Divine 9" fraternities and sororities (organizations established by African-Americans in the years of 1906, 1908, 1911 (two organizations), 1913, 1914, 1920, and 1963), whose events are grounded in supporting multiple nonprofits working with youth (ranging from male-mentoring, co-ed leadership development programs, college tours, and scholarship opportunities among other community-centered programs), decide to expand the "Winner's Circle", a theme embodied by their Derby event.

And on Friday, April 30th, thanks to the inaugural #AlphasOfAtlantaOpen, the larger community shows up and out in lending their support (click HERE for more information) at the event presented by Woodford Reserve.

Once the golf-playing opportunities are made available in early March, all (yes, ALL) of the player slots are sold out in an unheard of 9 days. With a full-capacity of players, a wide range of sponsors, ranging from the title sponsor, Woodford Reserve (Brown Foreman), to other businesses and individuals (as sponsorship levels start at $100), patrons locally, as well as from the states of Illinois, Florida, North Carolina, and New York are among those present and accounted for.

The full round of golf at Chapel Hills Golf Club (in Douglasville, GA) is just a part of the festivity-filled day, as teams by the South Fulton Alphas (men's team) and Shalonda Dawkins/CEO of of Southern Federal Credit Union (women's team) paced the engaging and competitive field with the lowest (top scores) for the men and women respectively.

The Friday afternoon networking mixer brings together golfers, sponsors, and non-golfers looking to meet, greet, network, and build potential business and community bonds. Special guests from from Brown Foreman (Megan Huckabee and Jasmine-Walker), State of Georgia District 64 Representative Derrick Jackson (who announced slightly over a week ago his candidacy for Lt. Governor), and Rochelle Robinson, the Mayor of the City of Douglasville, GA (who provides a proclamation to the organization) add to the experience. Combined with a silent auction and afternoon sounds provided by Atlanta favorite DJ Tron, it sets a highly positive and exciting tone to the day and a good way to ease into the weekend.

High quality events are just a part of what the Alphas of Atlanta are about. Doing so for high quality causes and leaving a positive footprint in communities across Metro-Atlanta is the bigger reason and purpose aligned with forward-moving and thinking which keeps things going "Onward and Upward".

In their typically innovative way, the Alphas of Atlanta expand the Winner's Circle.

Notes: Photos recorded by Andrew Snorton. The key/breakdown is as follows (starting from the top row/going across left to right):

  1. Top row: It's time to get ready for the inaugural #AlphasOfAtlantaOpen as it's a great day for some golf and getting together.

  2. Second row: Members of the committee, staff of Chapel Hill Golf Club, and golfers get ready to hit the greens!

  3. Third row: The committee chairs (Robert Cunningham and Michael Jones) go over the event with golfers who are clearly ready to play; Woodford Reserve serves as the title sponsor for the event.

  4. Fourth row: There's some fun and focused play on the golf course.

  5. Fifth row: The winning women's team led by Shalonda Dawkins takes a moment to pause from their winning (lowest score) ways to say hello; the Brown Foreman team provides a location to take a quick break at the 9th hole.

  6. Sixth row: The team from Washington Law Group (one of the sponsors) competes on the course, and different media are present for the event (DNA Sports and veteran journalist Ernie Suggs pause for the cameras and connect with those in attendance).

  7. Seventh row: The 19th Hole is full of fun and networking, including special greetings from Georgia District 64 Representative Derrick Jackson (who recently announced his campaign for Lt Governor) and Mayor of the City of Douglasville, Rochelle Robinson.

  8. Eighth row: DJ Tron provides the sounds for the afternoon networking mixer. Derrick Jackson (candidate for Lt. Governor) and members of the Woodford Reserve/Brown Foreman team take time to speak with the audience.

  9. Ninth (bottom) row: Mayor of Douglasville Rochelle Robinson provides an energetic and enthusiastic welcome to all attendees, and takes time to welcome all to the city and venue.


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