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The saving and soothing soul and sounds from Sayvya Records

Last summer, we first reported of the impact of Sayvya Records via the release of the song "You" by recording artist Moyani (click HERE to refer to the article). Through their timely, passionate, and powerful production, their ability to produce songs of meaning and purpose is just a part of what they do.

This past Monday (February 28, 2022), we have the opportunity to enjoy a truly inspiring chat with Darwin Pompey (President/CEO of Sayvya Records). Our discussion covers a tremendous amount of ground in seeing how it started, where things are now, and where they are heading.

Pompey's (and the record label's) progression comes from humble beginnings, but a more than timely story. He notes for far too long, he is sitting on his gifts and talents and not utilizing them as fully as possible. However, once he has a moment of clarity, not only does he dedicate himself to his craft and gift, but even more significant is him knowing he is walking in his faith and purpose (please watch the video chat in its entirely below):

With a slate of projects scheduled for release in the spring and summer, it's evident the music, related film and video work, and other endeavors are more than just hitting one's stride. It's more reflective of knowing who he is and whose he is.

As a man thinketh (as referenced by the James Allen book), he doeth and becomes. In the example of Sayvya Records, when mind, body, soul, and spirit are of one accord, great things can happen.

And greater is yet to come with the ongoing story of the saving and soothing soul and sounds of Sayvya Records.


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