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The maestro behind the musik


It provides a voice to those trying to find theirs, let alone the sounds which soothe the spirit or strengthen the soul.

Ranging from early music influences including (but not limited to) Q-Tip (from A Tribe Called Quest) to Nas (and his ground-breaking track "It Ain't Hard to Tell" from his nearly 30-year old debut, Illmatic), Maestro Jones (also known as Maestro Musik), is a creative and more. His father is a former DJ in the Springfield, IL area, so his love for music is formed and forged at an early age. Combined with his skills as a percussionist and playing in multiple music ensembles in school (and even college), music is truly an extension of his day-to-day.

Akin to songwriters who carry a notebook with them (to write down ideas), he notes, "I used to walk around with my snare drum". While somewhat "peculiar", as a creative, having your "tools from your toolbox" nearby is an essential for him.

And his tools extend to his creative work as a carpenter and life-long fan of roller skating. In fact, he recently incorporates skating as part of his live performances. While he shares, "I've fallen down my share of times", his seamless blend of r and b, hip hop, and other music influences, make him a growing creative presence in Bloomington-Normal, IL and other parts of the region; likewise, his creative spirit and energy are ever-present throughout our talk (view the full interview below):

With pending work with fellow creative V8vastchange along with his previous work, his next scheduled performance takes place on Friday, June 24th, at Make Music Normal (click HERE for details) at 5:45pm (CST).

Whenever you get a chance to meet the maestro behind the "musik", it sure provides sounds soothing to the ear and soul.

Be "Maestro-Matic" today.


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