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The Georgia Spartans' championship run is stopped short by the Atlanta Legends (116-112)

During the regular season, the Georgia Spartans (9-1) and Atlanta Legends (8-2) are the United Men's Basketball League's (semi-professional basketball) top 2 teams. The Legends' only losses are by a combined 12 points to the Spartans, and the Spartans are a mere 3 point loss from being undefeated.

Meeting for the 3rd time this season, the 2 heavyweights of the league seemingly are heading for another close matchup to see who wins the league title. And true to form, the Legends have a 33-32 lead at the end of the first quarter. With neither team having lead of more than 8 points, the game is yet another closely contested game at the half (with the Spartans leading 61-58).

Whether the Legends' guards providing solid perimeter shooting and penetration, or the Spartans' post game making their mark, neither team could truly pull away from each other. By the end of the 3rd quarter, the Legends are holding an 88-85 lead.

The 4th quarter would provide more of the same kind of back-and-forth, high intensity play which both teams are known for. Even with 10 seconds left the game, the Spartans would close to within 4 points (116-112), but unlike their previous games, simply weren't able to get that one extra play to put them over the top.

Closing out their season with a 10-2 overall record (including the postseason), the Georgia Spartans still have an outstanding season. By the same token, the Atlanta Legends (10-2 overall) not only avoid losing to the Spartans for the 3rd time this season, but make their first win over their rivals count in a big-time manner by winning the league title.

With the books closed on the #UMBLHoops season, some players plan on continuing play in other leagues (including overseas) while others may make other plans. A fitting end with the league leaders throughout the season closing out league/postseason play with another competitive game (as all 3 games are decided by 16 points, barely over a 5 point margin of victory).

See you next season (2022).

Notes: All photos and video recorded by Andrew Snorton.

Video keys:

  1. The first and second videos provide snapshots/highlights of the 1st half. The Georgia Spartans would have a 3 point lead (61-58) at the half.

  2. The third and fourth videos provide snapshots/highlights of the 2nd half. The Georgia Spartans competed well, but could not get their 3rd win of the season against the Atlanta Legends. As a result, the Legends' 116-112 win gives them the league title.

Photo keys:

  1. First row: Snapshots of both teams warming up and early 1st quarter action.

  2. Second row: Snapshots of the Spartans on the sidelines, as well as both teams competing. During the regular season, the Spartans win by a combined 12 points, so today's game falls in line with the prior games.

  3. Third row: Intensity all around between the league's top 2 teams.

  4. Fourth row: The game is not decided until the final 10 seconds. The Atlanta Legends' 116-112 win not only snaps their 2 game losing streak to the Spartans (as they handed them both their regular season losses), but the league title.


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