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Stem going virtual via the Atlanta Afro-Stemlets

Stem (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

These are essential fields in more ways than one. Ranging from needs in health, building design, infrastructure, and other areas, dedicating time, talents, and larger community investment are beyond needed.

They are necessary.

When it comes to emerging audiences and demographics, the needs are even more critical; thanks to the Atlanta Afro-Stemlets, their virtual program is helping "bridge the gap" between talented students and fields of interest.

The Atlanta-based nonprofit is taking applications for their program. Spearheaded by high school students, their core audience includes middle and high school students and focusing on the following curriculum:

  1. Interactive presentations from instructors and professionals across STEM-related fields.

  2. Social events including movie nights and science-related games/activities.

  3. Roundtable talks on the current and emerging trends in the field.

Again, they are taking applications for their engaging and ambitious programs. Readers are encouraged to visit their website (click HERE) for all pertinent information.

An emerging virtual program for emerging audiences by emerging high school minds.

Welcome to the world of the Atlanta Afro-Stemletes.


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