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Soothing for any ear: The Author's Mixtape/V4: The Collab as two creatives compose a masterpiece

Today, April 24th, is a rainy day in Atlanta. For some, the sound of the rain can be peaceful; for others, a sense of uncertainty.

This is where you go pick up something to listen to do soothe or speak to your mind, body, and soul. And on the 4th edition of The Author's Mixtape, it's an audiobook that just that and then some.

As the current edition of the series created by the author, Andrew Snorton (click HERE to visit the website), it incorporates the improvisational styles found in jazz along with the "mixtape" genre from hip-hop. All of the tracks are organically created in studio (in tandem with 3rd Level EMG). This means all the writing is done during the studio sessions and not beforehand.

The Collab (click HERE for the Apple Music preview), however, brings an added element to the music and spoken word mix thanks to the presence of Kris10 (click HERE to find out more).

She brings an added energy and synergy to the series as she does 4 individual tracks (including the closing track) along with the author (who does 4 tracks as well, including the introduction). With titles and topics covering a wide array of themes, it's a seamless blend of motivation, encouragement, emotion, and more.

In addition to the snippets provided here ("Flowers" and "Awake"), both tap into the "inner sanctum" of one's being and beyond. Their duet (Ear Hustling) provides an even greater perspective and presence, from service, outreach, stewardship, and the theme of how working together, everyone achieves more (all due to a spontaneous "listening in" of a conversation at a coffee house).

Available on platforms including (but not limited to) Tidal, Spotify, SoundCloud, Amazon, ITunes, Apple Music, and more (nearly 300 overall via Canis Major Digital), it's an accessible audiobook for your smart device and beyond.

And it's a rainy day today (April 24, 2021) in the "A". There's likely something readers and listeners would like to have soothe their ears beyond the pitter-patter or bantering (depending on how heavily it's raining) of the rain. In fact, for any day, something soothing to the ear is something many would like to heaar.

When two come together, amazing things can happen. In this case, it's in the form of The Collab (The Author's Mixtape: Volume 4).

Notes: All photos taken by Andrew Snorton.

Video 1: Interview clip from The Conversation Corner (February 24, 2021) discussing part of the recording process of the audiobook.

Video 2: A snippet of the track "Flowers" from The Author's Mixtape/Volume 4: The Collab (Andrew Snorton).

Video 3: Kris10 adds to "the flavor" with her introspective track, "Awake". She contributes 4 tracks on the current edition of the audiobook series.

Photo grid:

  1. Kris10 in the studio working on her tracks; she contributes 4 individual tracks on The Collab.

  2. The author, Andrew Snorton, taking a moment to get ready for the 4th volume of The Author's Mixtape series.

  3. Two creatives coming together to create a 9 track audiobook complete with music, spoken-word, and more.

  4. Available on nearly 300 platforms, including (but not limited to) Tidal, Spotify, Soundcloud, ITunes, Apple Music, Amazon, and others, it's a sound addition to your audio library.


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