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Puting in work: the mindset and work of 8 God/Zaybo the Mayor/Xavier the Millionaire

Dedicated to the craft. Putting in work.

These are phrases associated with people we see working hard, being diligent, and remaining focused. When it comes to music, there's a number of artists who have this approach with what they do.

This past Sunday (January 2nd), even with the new year barely underway, we connect with 8 God (aka Zaybo the Mayor/Xavier the Millionaire) in between his studio sessions and preparation for upcoming projects. In fact, during our conversation, his work ethic is so evident he actually has challenges simply sitting still; he walks from where we are interviewing to the area where he does his songwriting and related work (check out the short video clip below):

This consistency manifests itself with his millionaire moniker. However, it does not come easy, let alone overnight.

From his time in Florida to overcoming being incarcerated, while a relative newcomer on the music scene, his energy, focus, and larger mindset allow him to grow by leaps and bounds and a growing presence. With a solid range of projects already available on key platforms including Spotify, he has more work/music on the way.

He's acting and preparing as if he already is as big (or bigger) than his dreams and vision; clearly, he's committed to doing big and creative things in the industry and beyond.

What keeps him going and keeping things together?

"Live your life. Don't worry about what people say about you. Always take to heart constructive criticism (to help you grow and improve)", he notes as some of a number of insights and takeaways he has on his current path and beyond (the full interview is provided below):

To stay connected with "Mr. Putting in Work", Instagram is one of the best ways to do so (click HERE to follow).

Focused. Hard working. Dedicated to the craft.

And a big time mindset and approach to match.

It's time to put in work.


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