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Plan today to protect tomorrow: life insurance conversations with Kaleena McMath

Financial literacy.

This is a straightforward, yet broad topic which impacts all, including individuals and families. While there's a wide array of information available, there are still knowledge gaps out there, and such gaps can lead to adverse situations which can impact one's financial standing to standard of living.

Earlier this week (November 15, 2022), I'm fortunate to have an insightful discussion with a fast-rising presence in the area of life insurance. Affiliated with Modern Woodmen of America (who have been in business since the 1880's), financial service representative Kaleena McMath is leaving a positive footprint in the lives of the clients she serves as well as the greater community.

She shares her journey in the field from her time at USAA (Property and Casualty) to transitioning to life insurance, and it's all under a simple, yet essential and powerful premise.

"My focus is on helping people", McMath emphasizes.

She places emphasis on helping people by identifying areas of need and addressing financial gaps, along with adding to their knowledge base on products including life insurance, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and related services.

A key area of concern is on the life insurance end, especially for those with term insurance policies; while she notes initially, the premium may be less expensive, it's akin to renting as there are not any cash values or dividends built up.

"There's a lack of understanding of whole life products and how they can contribute to a more sound financial future", she adds.

In giving people a chance and getting more familiar with these and related areas, it's about having better means in place, especially in one's later years, as "life issues" ranging from medical expenses and more can be better addressed with policies building up the aforementioned cash values and dividends to have some means of flexibility.

Ultimately, with any consultation, McMath is solely focused on making sure clients have a financial vehicle for themselves and their families. If something ever happens, being able to maintain a familiar and preferred standard of living for one's children and immediate family is the goal.

For those in need of a consultation, she may be reached at 404-664-0247.

And in having conversations and consultations of this kind today, it can help protect your financial future in the days ahead.


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