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Pinned and properly: Spc. Tanya Walker's military service acknowledged via Rep Hank Johnson

On Tuesday, August 8th (2023), something special takes place at the Emory Long Term Acute Hospital in Decatur, GA. In addition to the tremendous work done by the staff to serve those in need, a special recognition of one of their own takes place as it's the culmination of a nearly 19-year journey.

Spc. Tanya Walker's military experience extends from the Louisiana Army National Guard (Chaplain Specialist) and US Naval Reserve (Security Officer). The only thing missing from her exemplary service is the acknowledgement from government entities, as her work qualifies her for two key commendations.

The National Defense Service Medal and the Naval Reserve Meritorious Service Medal for her 6 years of honorable service in the military during the Gulf War are the commendations which are a longer than necessary process, as for nearly 19 years, given an array of delays and more, simply hadn't happened. Thankfully, a colleague suggests she contact her local congressman to see what assistance they can lend.

And that happens to be Congressman Hank Johnson (GA-04).

Two months later, the day finally comes.

"It is unfortunate we have not treated our veterans as well as we should have", notes Congressman Johnson, further noting the call for continued enhancement of health and related access to resources for those who have served this country (US).

He further notes Spc. Walker's service, as well as general acknowledgement of those at the hospital (as during the ceremony, a number are called/paged to duty).

Spc. Walker expresses gratitude to not only those who help her make the day happen, but to many of the hospital leadership and staff in their day-to-day work alongside each other in serving those in need (health-wise).

Even though it is a day which is a long time coming, the celebration and positive energy, including from her family and work family, make it a day to truly celebrate. Showing grace and gratitude for one's service to the country as well as their current and future work make the day a truly special occasion.

And getting a little help from your friends makes the day even better.

Notes: All video recorded by Andrew Snorton. To view the complete playlist, including the full ceremony, please visit our YouTube playlist by clicking HERE.


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