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I am. You are. Keep living 9 times over with the Real Vitelle.

The Real Vitelle (click HERE to visit the website) covers a lot of ground and wears multiple hats. The accomplished actress, author, speaker, and host is a solid presence across arts and entertainment.

However, it isn't always like this.

The Dayton, OH native and Atlanta-based figure can recall her share of challenging and even traumatic times, ranging from homelessness to borderline hopelessness, including a bout with mental health and wellness concerns.

Even in the midst of beyond challenging times, there's an undercurrent and hope there's something greater than her challenges. Eventually, through her faith and attendance at a retreat neither she nor the speaker who helps her turn the proverbial corner wants to attend, she gets the wake-up call needed to get the help needed to pivot and proceed.

Fast forward 4 to 5 years later, and she's still making an impact.

Her book I Am is not only her memoir chronicling her story of seeing what she is led through physically and mentally to get to where she is, but seeing it as the baseline of where she's going. Just as powerful is the work coming from her book, the production 9 Lives.

Originally done as a virtual production, on Saturday, April 30th, at 2pm (taking place at Encore Film and Music Studio located at 3938 Shirley Drive in Atlanta), the live premiere/performance takes place. Incorporating both aspects of film and play/theater, she is playing all the characters, taking the audience through a journey full of challenges, yet focusing on the hope and encouragement of who you are and whose you are.

"When your faith gets tested, you have no choice but to trust God", she notes when asked how she keeps things together even when they do not go her way, let alone maintaining perspective through and beyond life's challenges. Depending on the situation, whether decompressing through enjoying the great outdoors to moments of solitude and solace, ranging from the personal to the professional (within arts and entertainment), she finds a way to make sure her steps are ordered and she is walking in her intended path (makes sure to watch the full interview/talk provided here):

More than just an engrossing and captivating production, it's the engagement and outreach opportunities she is equally excited about. At the end of the performance, there are opportunities for businesses, nonprofits, and related entities to do more than serve as vendors, but to actually serve those in need.

"We understand there may be people who are going through traumatic experiences (such as the ones covered in the production). We can help others "pivot" too", she adds.

Therapists, life coaches, along with advocacy groups focusing on domestic violence, homeless, and related community needs are encouraged to reach out at 770-626-5075 to augment this portion of the performance. Likewise, for those interested in serving as a sponsor or patron within and outside the Atlanta area (as the goal is to bring the show on the road), you may follow up at the same number.

In seeing people where they are, we sometimes forget or simply don't know what they are led through just to get here (or there). Beyond the turmoil is the testimony and triumph. Through her book and the work coming from it, 9 Lives is more than a number; it's a message and reminder to simply be because you are, and if you are, you can.

It's possible.

And it's real.


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