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Helping with healthy humor: The Haven of Help Inc's standup comedy show (teen edition)

They say laughter is one of the best sources of medicine.

As we enter the holiday season, while often times we think of cheery moments, there are instances where cheer is something not seen or felt. While The Haven of Help Inc. focuses on helping and empowering youth and adults (and essentially, the greater community), on December 4th at 6pm EST, they are adding to the work they do with a truly special event.

Taking place the Cenacle Coffee & Bistro (2844 Veterans Memorial Highway in Austell, GA), their standup comedy show takes on a youthful energy and flavor, as the featured acts are teens (yes, TEENS). Hosted by Demetrice Straws and ZayyDeyy, there are 5 acts who are prepared to showcase their clean comedy talents to captivate the audience with their presence and their innate gifts of humor and simply making all enjoy a breather during the holidays through the gift of laughter. Add the scheduled performance of Diamonds of Lisa's Dance Spot, the audience can get prepared for an engaging performance and more.

Our conversation with the foundation's director, Quintasha Swanson, provides insight on the range of services provided for youth and adults. In simply listening to the audience they serve, the result is a platform for teens/students to connect with their creative gifts and talents through performance (comedy), public speaking, along with infusing all with a way to enjoy humor and comedy and an energy which can be a driving force for other creative projects (as this is evolving to an ongoing series).

Being responsive to the community is one thing. Providing them with creative outlets which can be bridge-building is something even bigger. Thanks to The Haven of Help, Inc and the teens they connect with, the upcoming event (and forthcoming series) is another way to have fun while getting others connected.

Clearly healthy humor can help.


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