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Don't give up on your dreams: the enduring work of Missouri

Dreams. Many of us have them, but how often do we live or realize them?

During my recent interview with Missouri, one of the underlying themes of our conversation is as follows: Don't ever give up on your dreams.

Her compelling story gets jump started as a 10-year old and the creative tangent she has in taking her Barbie doll, creating some designs, and hosting an impromptu runway fashion show for her mother. Even then, she's encouraged to pursue her dreams.

However, there's a few delays as her pursuits are put on hold. On top of family/marital status changes, her breast cancer diagnosis creates a new series of challenges and delays.

While deterred and delayed, it does not lead to defeat. It leads to a renewal of her desire and dedication to come full circle in the pursuit of her dreams and more.

As a result, Styletainment (her production company) is created (click HERE to find out more). With a solid range of events and programs, a key staple is the theatrical production A Cancer Survivor's Story. The semi-biographical masterpiece is entering its 10th season of running off-Broadway with designs of being on the big stage in 2022. Covering a wide-array of topics from health to living life to the fullest, it's a truly compelling, endearing, engaging, and empowering production.

A by-product of the play is the evolution of her writing in the realm of an author. Her 2-volume/companion work My Journey to Styletainment: A Life Stitched Together (the first volume which shares her personal journey resulting in the creation of her company) and My Journey to Styletainment: The Show/A Life Stitched Together (which delves deeper into the arts/entertainment and creative work of her production company) "pull back the curtain" and provide a frank, sincere, and wide-ranging conversation of showing all where she started, how she arrived, and where she's destined to go (click HERE to find out more).

Capped off with their Old Hollywood Gala (December 11, 2021 from 7pm-12am), it's more than just a holiday celebration. The black tie affair is complete with the red-carpet setting, opportunities to connect with the cast and crew (of the theatrical production), a book-signing (featuring Missouri), fine dining, dancing, and more.

If nothing else, it's a celebration of life, embracing your gifts and talents, acknowledgement of the most High, and of course, never giving up on your dreams.

Don't ever give up.

Notes: all images are used with the permission of Styletainment (visit their site to find out more by clicking HERE).


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