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December 19th: a memorable day and moment for YK Raleigh

Earlier this summer, I have the pleasure of meeting YK Raleigh (click HERE for our previous interview). Hailing from the southside of Raleigh, NC, like a number of artists, he is making Atlanta his base.

However, he's not like any other artist or just another artist (click HERE to check out his tracks on SoundCloud).

His music influences range from the famous (including Future and Gucci Mane), but right at home, as he has family members with an extensive love for music, performance and more (as he plays multiple instruments and has a writing background in poetry). With the release of Voice of the Black Sheep and Voice of the Black Sheep 2, you'd figure releasing 2 albums along with performances across the Southeast would be enough (click HERE to visit his Apple Music network).

For many, it would be; then again, he's not like any other artist.

The passing of his younger sister Makia is a life-changing event in more ways than one. If anything, it makes him even more dedicated to his craft. And that dedication is coming full-circle on December 19th with the release of his single, "Long Live Makia". It's more than a cathartic release, a form of healing, and way to keep her memory alive.

The release is the same day as his birthday.

"If you believe in anything, stay down. It takes one match to start a fire", he notes.

Belief in himself and his ability, along with a work-ethic, focus, and larger dedication to his craft are the things that make him not just another artist. And as much as he's doing in 2021 (including conducting our interview while on the way to shoot a video), he's definitely coming through in 2022.

Stay down and stay ready for YK Raleigh.

Notes: Readers are reminded to connect with him on Twitter (click HERE) , Instagram (click HERE) as well as OuttaTheOrdinary LLC (click HERE to add them on Instagram). Likewise, make sure to watch the video chat/interview for additional details.


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