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Be sure to mark her: the work and candidacy of BT Parker (Superior Court Judge for Gwinnett County)

In the 2020 election for Superior Court Judge (Gwinnett County, GA), BT Parker falls 1 percentage point short of being in the runoff for the position. While her bid for office runs just short of winning the election, there is a positive that comes from her experience; her active, current, and vast community engagement is clearly present as two of her three key components of her platform are currently implemented in the form of the creation of a prison prevention program via the Youth Empowerment Initiative (in working with Gwinnett County District Attorney Pasty Austin-Gatson) and a 2nd chance program for non-violent offenders.

It's about keeping her feet on the ground and a presence within the community, having a sound presence, and having a solid feel for areas of concern.

During our chat this past Thursday (April 14th), the University of Wisconsin Law School alumnus has an extensive track record of professional and community engagement. Ranging from her 25-plus years of experience in criminal and civil law (as a prosecutor and defense attorney) to her community leadership via her board membership with the Boys and Girls Club to the Animal Advisory Council along with being a foster parent, she and her family are solid entrenched residents in the county.

And as she runs for election in 2022, it's about augmenting her work with and for the residents of the county and greater community, including her perspective on application of the law and larger legal process.

"Human perspective is important. Judges filter facts through the law; how you see things is how you filter them", is one of her underlying perspectives when it comes to her approach (click HERE to find out more about her platform).

With recidivism as a key area of concern, having more components in place to be proactive is an important part of her approach and platform. Given the highly punitive nature of Georgia (where you actually have to reapply for your rights to be restored), having measures in places, including second chances for those who have committed non-violent/non-sexual crimes, can provide improved access for those in need of employment to just having an improved standard of living.

In visiting her website (click HERE) upcoming events and opportunities to engage and learn more about her campaign and on-going work are available.

Active, current, and vast community engagement is the way BT Parker maintains a human perspective when it comes to filtering the law. From the newly formed (in 2020) 11th Seat which appears on this year's election (make sure to refer to the video/interview) to her candidacy for Superior Court Judge, a constant is her presence and meaningful engagement with the immediate and interlocking community.

This is BT Parker; as her campaign slogan notes, be sure to mark her.


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