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Be great: enjoy some #GroovesAndGrapes

Our now-normal has challenged many to do things differently. In a number of ways, people are being a little more efficient, creative, yet being cognizant of doing so in as safe and sound a manner as possible.

With those in arts and entertainment, intimacy is key.

September 19, 2020, with a prompt 7pm start (and scheduled conclusion time of 10pm), the creative team of Enigma Entertainment is providing an amazing outing drenching in courtesy, professionalism, and fun in a safe and sound environment. #GroovesAndGrapes is an upcoming event which aligns with their focus of curating concerts, festivals, and events for mature clientele.

The sunset-themed event takes place at a highly regarded and respected venue, The Southland Golf Course (located in Stone Mountain, GA). With a natural ambiance created by the outdoor setting, social distance is a priority. Likewise, with a complimentary carafe of sangria and table tapas, there's something to appeal to one's palette.

And then there's the sounds.

Two live music sets (scheduled for 45 minutes per set) by the band Groove Centric provides the soundtrack to your Saturday evening. Combined with the showmanship and energy of Atlanta-based DJ Tron, it is an innovative way for people to enjoy some wonderful live music, be it as a group outing or dinner and a date (click HERE and go to the 8:30 minute mark to watch the interview).

Limited tickets are available via Eventbrite (click HERE to purchase your tickets as they are $50 per person). You may also contact the staff at 770-310-5027 for additional information.

Next weekend, be great.

Enjoy a sampling of #GroovesAndGrapes.


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