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Arts and culture in East Point, GA: Wynn Legacy House 1

East Point, GA has a growing presence and energy. Coming off a successful Juneteenth series (click HERE to find out more), the Wynn Legacy House complex has an ongoing way to keep the community connected with arts, culture, and history.

One of the key buildings in their 3-building complex is the Wynn Legacy House 1 (1826 Washington Road in East Point, GA , 30344). Open each Wednesday from 1-4pm (donations are accepted), the intimate and creative setting is just part of the backdrop of the storytelling which takes place.

Full of archival photos, books, and other artifacts from time periods including (but not limited to) the Civil Rights Era and beyond, the inviting atmosphere makes this a "hidden" gem. Add to the knowledge and engagement of the staff and ownership, it's a more than accessible way to immerse yourself in a living history of the city, Atlanta, and the immediate area.

"We're here so people won't and don't forget", notes Cheryl Moore, one of the key members of the leadership team.

Curated and created by Ms. Andrea Wynn, it's a reflection of the complex's larger commitment to the city and residents. Providing a space to simply pause, relax, reflect, think, and constructively challenge, it's part of what makes this a special space and more.

There's a new energy in East Point.

The Wynn Legacy House complex is part of it.


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