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For the brothers: Brothers Do Brunch 2 provides community building for men and beyond


In Metro-Atlanta, it's a big deal as it's a way for people to come together over a good meal and more. And when it comes to the upcoming event powered by the Sigma Fathers Committee and ADJ Media (on July 14, 2024), it's a way to build upon these and related themes to provide a sound networking space and more.

The Brothers Do Brunch series (this is the second edition) is a way to bring men together. In providing an engaging and enriching space for men from emerging communities and demographics across multiple disciplines and generations, the focus is on community building and more.

Given the tremendous support from the business and nonprofit community, attendees are afforded opportunities to meet and greet, enjoy a great brunch, partake of a timely roundtable discussion, and be re-energized in being the positive and impactful presences needed.

Carlton Riddick, Samuel Sirmons, Oscar Redd Williams, and Tyrice Lollis serve as the panelists for the community roundtable discussion (moderated by Antoinne Duane Jones, the creator and organizer of the series).

With more than 100 men registered for the event, the support from the following event partners (ranging from in-kind support for the first 100 registrants to related giveaways) adds to the experience from the following entities:

There are limited tickets available for purchase (click HERE for details, including donation opportunities) as a few spaces are made available after the initial allotment is sold out.

Events along these lines hit a little differently as it's all about men coming together for the greater good on multiple levels.

It's building community among and beyond the brothers.

And that's what makes brunch such a beautiful thing.


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