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Juneteenth and beyond: this is Wynn Legacy

On June 18-20, 2021, the Wynn Legacy is hosting their 2nd annual Juneteenth Celebration.

It's more than celebrating the day. It's a reminder of how engrained the event venue is in the East Point, GA community and beyond.

With three venues (including a museum, event hall, and additional space including an outdoor garden and more), it's more than just the events. Under the visionary leadership of Ms. Andrea Harris Wynn, it's a true community "hub". Ranging from the previously noted endeavors, it's about preservation of a rich history and culture for all generations and audiences to embrace.

Given their lineup of Juneteenth events and their roster of sponsors/supporters, it promises to be a festival weekend for youth and adults. With "fireside chats" including the sneaker culture, to an evening affair complete with a multiple course meal and live music, there truly is something for everyone. Even on June 20th (Father's Day), the scheduled brunch and more provide wonderful engagement events and and social opportunities for all.

A great set of venues. A great event. And more to come.

This is Juneteenth in East Point (GA), and this is what Wynn Legacy is all about.

Notes: Photos of the venue are compliments of Wynn Legacy. Make sure to connect with them today.


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