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Celebration of life and beyond: Life After the Rain marks another successful year with a 2-day event/weekend series

There is life after the rain.

Spearheaded by visionary Shenita Connally, Life After the Rain, LLC is established as a means of providing access to support resources for widows and widowers. In addition to creative program including (but not limited to) financial literacy (click HERE to learn more) and enrichment in the performing and creative arts (click HERE to learn more), it's all about providing a nurturing and empowering space for the aforementioned and those ready, willing, and able to lend their support and encouragement.

As summer approaches, their upcoming weekend series is a celebration of life, recognition of those who are with us in spirit, and an afternoon excursion (for the 21 and older audience).

On June 22, 2024 (7am start time) at the Clayton County International Park (2300 Highway 138 SE in Jonesboro, GA), the Widows and Widowers Annual Walk takes place. On top of the early morning fitness and wellness component, it's a reminder and remembrance of those who have transitioned, along with a reminder to the ongoing support provided (and the event is free/open to the general public).

The weekend concludes with a limited edition (as there are only 20 spaces available) wine tour (June 23, 2024 from 2-5pm). The outing takes place at the Winery at Moonlight Manor (373 Cook Rd in Griffin, GA); this is a ticketed event ($45 per person) as it includes the tour, along with food and drinks (you must be 21 or older to attend).

For additional details (including ticket purchases and related information), you are encouraged to contact Dr. Connally at 404-429-8288.

When you add another year, it provides a reason to celebrate. And when it comes to providing continued access to resources and related support opportunities for widows and widowers (along with the general public), Life After the Rain, LLC provides these and so much more.

A celebration in time for the official first days and weekend of summer.

And a reminder there is life after the (proverbial) rain.


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