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Art N The Park: a coming together of creatives on July 25th at Piedmont Park

She Makes Moves Enterprises is known for their namesake, making moves.

When it comes to arts and entertainment, artist management, music, and more, they are an outstanding resource for those particular aspects of the creative community. On July 25, 2021 (from 1-8pm EST), their inaugural effort is another step in being a creative "hub" for an expanded audience and more.

Taking place at the landmark location of Atlanta, Piedmont Park, their launch of Art N The Park is more than just an event. Given the bringing together of the creative community, combined with the efforts of their partner, Kulture Design, Inc, musicians, vocalists, dancers, spoken-word artists, poets, and authors are among the creatives who are coming together to connect with each other along with the greater community.

Add members of the fashion/design community, activities for kids, special on-site/location giveaways, and a way for adults to pull up their chairs to patronize or simply sit back and enjoy the performances, it's a good way to spend your Sunday (please refer to the full video chat for details).

There are opportunities available for creatives/vendors, and tickets are available. In fact, given the growing audience (closing in on 500 attendees), the event is taking place at a key location at the park (to accommodate up to 1500 guests).

It's Piedmont Park. It's art. And it's in (well, outdoors) the park.


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