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Annually operating in excellence: the 2023 #AlphaDerbyWeekend via the Alphas of Atlanta

The first weekend of May is always memorable. For some, it's the advent of the midspring or college graduations, and for others, it's a reminder that summer's right around the corner.

And when it comes to the Alphas of Atlanta and the greater community, it means one thing.

It's a return to the "Winner's Circle" via the #AlphaDerbyWeekend (click HERE to visit the website).

Since its inaugural edition in 2015, this is arguably one of the key destination benefit weekend events of the spring and beyond, as nearly 1/3 of their patrons travel from outside the state of Georgia to be a part of one of the largest Kentucky Derby themed events of its kind. Evolving from a 2-day series (2015-16) to a 3-day extravaganza (2017-19, and returning to the current format in 2022), the nonprofit's (501c3) endeavors focus on this signature event to raise proceeds for multiple nonprofits focused on community-focused programs including (but not limited to) scholarship opportunities, mentoring, leadership development, college readiness, and related programming for youth, families, and the larger community.

With tremendous support from their patrons and a myriad of sponsors, including their title/presenting sponsors Volkswagen, Woodford Reserve, Anheuser-Busch, and Hideoki, the lineup for this weekend (May 4-7, 2023) is one which firmly entrenches the event as a "must-attend"; after the sponsors' reception on May 4th, the following are open to the general public:

  • May 5th: Golf tournament at Wolf Creek Golf Course (sold-out).

  • May 5th (evening): Kickoff party and concert featuring Fabo, Young Dro, Pastor Troy, and Lil' Scrappy (tickets are still available).

  • May 6th: Main event (watch party hosted by Christopher "Cocktails" Cornell, featuring the sounds of DJ Tron and DJ P-Nut along with other special guests - tickets are still available).

  • May 7th: Jazz brunch (live music along with the sounds of Pretty Tammi the DJ - sold-out).

The hard work and dedication of doing a top-notch event to support the community is clearly evident in the work of all committee members and their leadership (via the co-chairs Robert Cunningham and Michael Jones); it's an embodiment of the mindset behind the "TEAM" acronym (Together, everyone achieves more).

As reflected in their focus and resolve of "operating in excellence", the weekend is more than the events, the venues, the people, and the outstanding venues and setting.

It's about the unparalleled purpose, which is truly the greatest part of their annual endeavor.

Simply and powerfully stated by both co-chairs and all committee members, "It's about the kids (click HERE to view a listing of the nonprofits supported by the #AlphaDerbyWeekend).

Again, the first weekend of May is truly memorable. Thanks to the Alphas of Atlanta providing an elevated "party with a purpose", it's yet another edition of a mainstay event operating in excellence.

It's about being a part of the Winner's Circle where the patrons and community truly win.


  • The first photo-grid shares the lineup for the weekend (images via the Alphas of Atlanta).

  • The second photo-grid shares info on the title sponsors (Woodford Reserve, Volkswagen, Anheuser-Busch, and Hideoki).

  • The third photo-grid is a compilation of photos from Phrozen Memories and Andrew Snorton, as it provides snapshots of the 2022 edition; you may get tickets for Friday evening and Saturday by visiting the website (click HERE for details).


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