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A special Sunday: Poplar Hill Baptist Church celebrates the 27th anniversary of Pastor Avery Headd

For the church community, Sundays are special. This is the main day members of the faith community come together for worship. Inclusive in the experience includes song, testimony, the sermon (or main discussion focused on a topic of concern), and infusion of hope and renewal to "go forth" and be the stewards of positive change at home and potentially anywhere.

Every once in a while, there's something special that takes place. And on Sunday, March 20th, at Poplar Hill Baptist Church (234 E Shadburn Ave in Buford, GA; click HERE to visit their website), the celebration hits a little differently as it is a way to say thank you to one of their own.

It's the anniversary of their pastor, Avery Headd.

For 27 years, he and his family take on arguably the most important leadership role in the church. During our interview, Pastor Headd provides a sincere look back at his faith journey, along with a calm energy in looking forward to the days ahead. His openness and accessibility are on full display as we cover his start, hurdles cleared, and larger commitment and resolve in making sure stewardship is not sedentary, including being engaged in a wide array of community concerns, from consistent engagement with law enforcement and elected officials (please refer to the video below).

As for the actual service, he's able to enjoy the setting with the congregation and a number of special guests.

Visiting Reverend Lavei Rucker is the guest speaker for the day's services. With a sermon centered on Psalm 23:6 along with themes ranging from pursuit of the things God has in store for us, to the removal of barriers in your pathway, and the potential for restoration (among others), his message resonates with all in attendance. As an additional means of thanks for the support received from Pastor Headd, he provides a donation to support the church's ministries and outreach. The complimentary efforts of the choir, praise team, and minsters provide add to the positive energy of the service.

Dignitaries including (but not limited to) Gwinnett Superior Court Judge candidate BT Parker, Gwinnett County Commissioner (District 2) candidate Jahangir Hossain, Gwinnett County Board of Education candidate (District 4) Dr. Adrienne Simmons, and candidate for Georgia's 7th congressional district, Donna McLeod, are among the public officials in attendance for the service. Likewise, a number of those in attendance take time to say "thank you" to the dedication to service and leadership of the pastor and his family.

In the end, it is a celebration of church leadership, service, and consistency in working with the congregation and greater community. In taking a moment to pause and reflect, it's about taking a look back at where you've come, and looking forward to where you've yet to go.

It's a very special Sunday.

Notes: All photography and video are recorded by Andrew Snorton.

The order of the shared video is as follows:

  1. Reflections with Reverend Avery Headd.

  2. A segment of the sermon by visiting minster and guest speaker Lavei Rucker.

  3. A segment of one of the music selections by the church's choir.

  4. Two segments of the acknowledgements by different dignitaries and members of the congregation.

The photo grid provides a snapshot of the pastor and his family, the guest speaker, and the larger congregation/audience expressing their thanks for his (and the family's) dedication to stewardship and service.


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