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A second and a transformative moment: the Atlanta premiere of In A Split Second

In a moment, things can change; on Wednesday, July 26th (2023), a change is felt within film and beyond.

Taking place at the stylish Silverspot Cinema at the Battery (Atlanta), the creative team of Taylor1Film, spearheaded by Martel Taylor, along with an amazing patron and support base, come together for an enriching and engaging experience. With the premiere of the film In A Split Second, the sold-out (2 screen) attendance consists of the writer/director (Taylor), the cast and crew, and a bevy of friends and colleagues present and accounted for not only the viewing of the film, but delving into the behind the scenes in seeing all come to fruition (you may watch the video below for a snapshot of the pre-screening reception):

The pre-screening reception is full of a positive energy and beyond. Add the presence of the entire acting team which includes (but is not limited to) Mahongany Raspberry, Imani Monae, Quincy Bonds, Isis Smith, and Tim Davidson (featured on the primary cover art, which serves as the creative backdrop for the step and repeat area), along with the entire team, it sets the stage for the actual viewing of the movie.

To say it goes deeper into life challenges is an understatement.

The intertwining of themes ranging from (but not limited to) health, family, self-identity, pain, faith, redemption, and love, all viewers are truly engrossed scene by scene and line by line. Upon the conclusion of the screening (one screen starts at 7pm and the second at 7:30pm to allow for the cast and crew to conduct q/a time in both cinemas), patrons are able to hear firsthand from the director, actors, and entire team to gain more insight on the creative process, let alone how each actor (and actress) immerses and connects with their character to provide an authentic, riveting, and relatable performance that many can relate to given their life experiences (you may watch the video below for a portion of the q/a):

Of course, you'll have to actually see the film for all the details; with updates forthcoming regarding the screens/cities where moviegoers can catch the film, along with the select platforms to watch, audiences won't have to wait too long to partake of the film (you may watch another set of snaptshots below):

In a moment, things can change.

Notes: All video is recorded by Andrew Snorton. You may watch the full playlist on our YouTube channel by clicking HERE.


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