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A big blue weekend: the upcoming edition of The Blue Series

When creatives come together, it's a good thing. When it comes to the creative, visual, and performing arts, it takes on a special meaning.

And when it comes to leading presence Anthony Page, via the work of the Blue Bistro Creative, a myriad of actors, directors, writers, and other artists are provided a platform to hone their skills and showcase their growing body of work, especially with the upcoming Blue Series (September 15-18, 2022).

Taking place at the Apex Museum (135 Auburn Ave NE in Atlanta, GA), the weekend series consists of 6 different short plays written by 6 different directors featuring 6 different acting teams. An interesting feature is the overall show centers around one family, as each play essentially travels through time and space; the first play takes place in 1876 and each play takes a generational approach concluding with the year 2096.

Keia Johnson, S. Denise Couba, Justin Brown, Reginald Edmund, Bernette Sherman, and Anthony Page are the writers whose work is feature in the series. The ability and acumen of directors Angel L. Henderson, Joe James, Nicholas Miles Newton, Delali Potakey, Robin Antoinette, and Carol Douglas Welter brings these written works to life as they provide all with an enriching and engaging experience.

Tickets for the series are available on Eventbrite by simply typing The Blue Series.

Clearly, the weekend contains a heavy shade of blue thanks to the Blue Series via the Blue Bistro Creative.


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