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5 years of celebrating the cigar culture: Atlanta Cigar Week


An excursion for a select few is opening its doors in recent years. And speaking of, since 2017, the team behind Atlanta Cigar Week (click HERE to visit their website) is key in providing constructive events and outlets for cigar lovers across the board. Whether a novice or a more knowledgeable cigar smoker, their sound blend of networking, instruction, and more showcase key elements of what makes this a growing culture.

Last week (September 13-19, 2021) is the 5th annual edition of the week. With a rotation of events complete with an awards dinner, cigar rolling class, to themed events including (but not limited to) She Smokes Too (as the audience of women who partake of the briar and leaf is truly fast-growing and extremely well-versed), along with their Miami Vice and 90's themed events to conclude the weekend, the phrase "there's something for everyone" is truly applicable.

Our time attending the "Welcome to Atlanta" (on Friday, September 17th) themed event is time well spent. Complete with different cigar brands and sponsors, to simply being around a group of professionals who showcase the "cool and class" behind the cigar audience, it's yet another great event reflective of the hard and focused work of the leadership team, its ambassadors, and patrons. Combined with an audience outside of just Atlanta (including Columbia (SC), Miami (FL), Milwaukee (WI), Memphis (TN), and other cities), the week has a solid and growing following (click HERE to add their Instagram page).

For those who missed out last week, make sure to mark your calendars the 3rd week of September (in 2022). Whether a veteran or "newbie", it's a good way to meet, greet, connect, and more.

And that's what Atlanta Cigar Week is all about.

Notes: Promotional photos (the lineup of events for the week and Friday's event) are via Atlanta Cigar Week. All other images are taken by Andrew Snorton.


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