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May 26th: keep "The Commitment"

As part of the now normal, a number of people are finding innovative ways to connect with their respective audiences. From going live on different social media platforms, using Webex or Zoom (and other applications) for virtual conferencing, while things are different, there are engagement opportunities.

On Tuesday, May 26th, at 7pm EST, thanks to the creative work of Anthony Page, the arts is "coming home" with the production of The Commitment. Streaming live on CEPTV (click HERE to visit the performance site) with a simulcast on Facebook Live, viewers and readers are invited to enjoy a theatrical performance from the comfort of your home.

Written and directed by Page, the short stage play features Angel L. Henderson, Jessie Bingham, and Amber Reign and others as part of their stellar cast.

As part of his ever growing catalog of plays and related works via Blue Bistro Creative, the level of storytelling and audience engagement is one that can clearly captivate virtually (no pun intended) any audience.

Make plans to catch "The Commitment" on May 26th at 7pm EST.  Written and directed by Anthony Page, this one act play is a way to connect with fans of the creative arts.

As one of his most successful short stage plays, working with CEPTV (click HERE to visit the performance site) allows for friends, colleagues, and fans of the creative and performing arts to get a glimpse of the work done under this collective. And with it being free to public, it provides sound access and a glimpse of more to come in the immediate future and further down the road.

Even with things being a little different, it does not take away from the creative vision, manifestations, and larger engagement. And the performing and creative arts along with those who play a key role in it are doing their part and then some.

Commit to continuing this creative connectivity this Tuesday, May 26th.

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