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A natural; the empowering work of OlanikeeOsi

Many have heard me use this phrase before (and likely use again).

"We see people where they are, but we don't know what they have been led through to get here".

This is descriptive of the journey of OlanikeeOsi. The owner of two distinct yet overlapping brands (Goddess Detox and Selfish Babe), the Fort Lauderdale (FL) native's progression isn't necessarily overnight, but clearly a solid and strategic ascent to being a positive business and health presence and beyond.

Let's start "climbing" with her.

The early stages

Growing up with her mother and brother (her father passed away in her very early years), discipline provided by a strict is an underlying theme growing up. Her high school experience provides a steady foundation to focus on her broaden her horizons, a life-altering experience truly galvanizes this notion and is embedded in the work she does; after living for a brief period in New York City, upon her return to Florida, an eye-opening moment (in her sophomore year of high school) on her way from her part-time job is something that is ever-present.

The written (eviction) notice on her family's apartment door forces her (family included) to pack up and move from place to place. She notes, "It is a painful experience, but is motivation to truly do something different (to not have to experience this again)".

"Never be broke (which goes beyond the financial meaning)".

Thanks to her experience with the CARE Program, the first step of her academic and expanded professional journey leads her to Florida State University. While her experience around like-minded people from the program is a plus (along with majoring in African-American Studies and Psychology), some of the larger realities, including the need for broader perspectives culturally and otherwise lead the psychology major to delve deeper into knowledge of self, history, and beyond. Her advanced study at Florida A&M University (FAMU), specifically community psychology, provides her with the professional and cultural springboard resulting in her first business foray.

In an effort to support her summer abroad efforts in Tanzania (via GA State University), she did more than setup a GoFundMe. Her shea butter business (Goddess and Godlike Creation, a line for women and men), where she designed and produced her own products, truly is the "seed-planting" for her next business steps. Her strategic efforts with marketing and advertising, ad-on projects (a t-shirt line), along with independent and collective research not only results in her going on the summer abroad project, but positions her steps intro her larger business and entrepreneurial efforts, complete with the cultural awareness, work ethic, and work product to where she is today.

The businesses, principles, and purpose

To understand the product, you have to understand the principles.

Empowered with her reading of the book Sacred Woman (by Queen Afua), incorporating components of African Spirituality combined with a holistic approach is central to Goddess Detox. The women's centered business focuses on healing through the restoration of the physical, emotional, and spiritual is ever-present with their natural line. The detox pearls and larger processes focus on the vaginal and inter-related areas (the womb) with the focus on pain reduction and purging, energy exchange, and cycle management as a gateway for healing.

With multiple options and products, it provides a merging of best practices from the indigenous (African and Caribbean), natural healing, and metaphysical (with the incorporation of daily affirmations and related components to help with the release of varying levels of trauma and other detrimental presences). Doing so allows women to tap into their "Inner Goddess" and a heightened space and place.

Personal alignment and development is also present with Selfish Babe.

The free app is an accessible resource grounded in self-love, energy transfer, and operating from a space of overflow compared to one of depletion. It reinforces the notion it's ok to be selfish, as it does so from a perspective of authentic self-love and esteem building.

With a resource base focusing on personal development, self-investment, and coming from a more full space and place, the personal and professional growth opportunities are limitless.

"It's understanding you have the power to create your reality. Every action is a choice", she notes.

With the consistent and empowering affirmations, it provides a bridge-builder for one's self-confidence, and this in turn fuels one's love for self. Combined with the access to related instructional video and more, more than 140,000 women are served via the app, a steady reminder of the importance and relativity of loving one's self (available on Google Play and the Apple App Store).

What's next

Positive principles are the foundation of the empowering products and services from Goddess Detox and Selfish Babe. With a growing customer and support base, the proverbial question is what's on the horizon.

The forthcoming availability on Amazon of her 2017 release (The Power of Looking at Your Yoni) is an additional another reference and resource for her growing base. The added affirmations and connection with self enhance the current services provided, which in turn create enrichment and engagement opportunities for expanded growth (click HERE to visit the website).

Continued building of both businesses on a global level is a key focus area. Doing so provides more access to the self-confidence, self-empowerment, and positive presence of the products and learning components. With the expanded video catalog via the app, along with collaborations with fellow creatives, women worldwide are better able to conceptualize and realize the potential and power within.

And there's more that is being left and provided by the Seminole and Rattler alum, as well as member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

"Words and thoughts are very important. Know what you want, why, and research how to get there (and this includes tools such as Google and YouTube to start), and then continue building", she advises.

And don't forget about the spiritual component.

Regardless of your belief system, she emphasizes, " Believe in yourself. Visualize what you want to create. Affirm and speak words of power and positivity (to yourself as well as others). Have faith".

It starts with you. And that is what Goddess Detox and Selfish Babe is about.

The natural. The inner you.

Additional notes:


Instagram: @goddessdetox @selfishbabes @olanikeeosi

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