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Here and there: the power of (virtual) prayer

2020 is fully underway.

Some are focusing on their resolutions or creating their vision boards. Others are still reveling in celebrating the end of one year and the promise of a new year.

And in other spaces and places, a constant for some is becoming an integral part of their day to day, and that is the power of prayer.

One such opportunity to get "grounded", centered, focused, and renewed takes place this weekend. And while you don't have to be there in person, you can be present and accounted for, thanks to She is Powerful Incorporated.

On Saturday, January 4th, at 8am EST, they are hosting a virtual prayer conference. Under the title and mantra of "100 minutes", it is shaping up to be a way for people to enjoy a space and place focusing on faith, perspective, and simply operating in a cleared mindset to be as ready as possible for the challenges of the day, as well as the rewards that lie ahead.

Dial in this Saturday at 8am EST.  The power of prayer and purpose can lead to positive results.

One of the featured speakers for the conference is Kechia Hardeman. Pulling from the experience of her spiritual journey in being there and back again (based on her book From the Seats to the Streets. From the Streets to the Seats, available on Amazon), as well as themes focusing on the power of prayer, stewardship, and larger outreach (based on her book I'll Fight for Me: War on Breaking the Cycle in Your Life: A 14 Day Journey, also available on Amazon), those in attendance (virtually) have the opportunity to have positive takeaways that can be applied in multiple walks of life.

Readers are welcome to participate by calling 857-232-0476 (and use code 280 088#). With an emphasis on providing a positive space and place, it can help people take a moment pause and be renewed in their purpose, stewardship, and larger calling.

And that is the potential that comes with positive and purposeful prayer, especially this Saturday.

Thanks to She is Powerful Incorporated, a virtual prayer conference is ta

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