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Something fruitful: KiWi's "feel good/do good" performance

Music can make things better.

It can capture a mood or a moment, hopes and aspirations, or simply give you an opportunity to "escape" and feel good. When feeling good includes supporting a good cause, it makes a good thing great.

And that's exactly what songwriter and artist KiWi (pronounced kee-wee) is all about.

It's more than just having a style all of her own and merging elements of hip-hop, r and b, and other genres. It's more than being able to "vibe and vibrate" at an elevated level.

This Thursday, November 21st (2019, from 7-11pm at Crazy Atlanta (182 Courtland at NE), her event is more than just an opportunity to meet and greet, network, and enjoy a great performance. A portion of the ticket sales (click HERE to purchase your ticket) will be donated to support an upcoming and on-time coat drive for the homeless. With the weather gradually (or suddenly as we saw the beginning of the week of November 11th) dropping to colder temperatures, access to warmer clothing is imperative.

A potentially fruitful evening on November 21st - a performance by KiWi AND a coat donation drive to support the homeless.

Donations of new or slightly used winter coats (and related gear) may be donated as well.

To vibe and vibrate at a higher level is more than just being in a feel-good mood and moment. It's about translating and transferring these moments to something greater.

Do good and feel good this Thursday with KiWi.

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