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Still leading. The LEAD Foundation's annual spring break college tour.

For a considerable amount of time, the Lawrenceville, GA based nonprofit, the LEAD Foundation, is committed to developing tomorrow's leaders today.

Ranging from the REEL Project (male mentoring program which takes place from September-December), the Alpha Leadership Program (the co-ed program which takes place January-March), #TheLiteracyProject (which provides support for reading programs for kids and adults with sites in Metro-Atlanta, Chicago, and Winston-Salem, NC), and others, their investment in the lives of young people is readily apparent (click HERE to learn more). And the same holds true for one of their signature programs which middle and high school students may take advantage of right now (click HERE for program details).

This is their annual spring break college tour.

"For students who are seriously considering their 4-year options (after high school), or are just taking a general look, we are excited to provide these opportunities to equip them with the hands-on information and exposure they need", notes Michael Woodward, the foundation's executive director. With a solid track record of visiting a blend of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU's) as well as PWI's (Predominantly White Institutions), students from their programs not only are attending (or are alumni) a number of the schools visited, but with their relationships, have been able to assist students with getting admitted to a number of schools.

The April 1-5, 2019 tour takes them on their familiar and popular North Carolina route. With a schedule of visiting Johnson C. Smith University, Wake Forest University, UNC School of the Arts, Winston-Salem State University, North Carolina A&T University, and North Carolina Central University, it's a balance of the aforementioned schools.

As an added feature, prior to their return, they'll likely incorporate a visit to the Malloy-Jordan Library in Winston-Salem, NC, one of the sites supported by #TheLiteracyProject, as well as their scheduled visit to the International Center for Civil Rights. Formerly the Woolworth's building which is the site of the earliest student sit-ins, it provides a sense of history and a reminder of the call and charge to provide the leadership needed in their communities and beyond.

The cost of the tour is $375 per student (payments may be made via installment, but all payments are recommended to be in by March 27th). The cost covers transportation (charter bus), snacks and beverages on the bus, hotel accommodations, breakfast, and their admittance to the civil rights venue (students should budget for their lunch and dinner). Students typically dress in business casual on the tour, and with ample time for team-building and related activities, middle and high school students are able partake of an enriching and engaging experience.

Donations are accepted to those who are interested in helping offset a student's cost of their tour/trip.

"Our hope is students come away with a growth experience in more ways than one", Woodward adds.

And with their upcoming tour, it's yet another example of their dedication to developing tomorrow's leaders today.

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