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Advocacy and access to opportunity through pageantry (Miss Black America and more)

Coming off impressive wins at the Ms US World Pageant and Ms World NOWSA (National Organization for Women's Safety Awareness), some would say that Miranda Childers is more than doing her part. Given her advocacy relating to the organization's larger platform of spreading awareness about violence against women and how to prevent it, her work on educating and empowering women is beyond commendable.

However, there's more that she's working on when it comes to the world of pageants.

With her upcoming work with both the Miss Black America-Atlanta and Miss Black America-Gainesville pageants, providing access to opportunities and exposure to an emerging audience is one her areas of emphasis. With support from entities including (but not limited to) the Rucker Center (based in Gainesville, GA), the event is a celebration of the beauty of the African-American experience.

"This year marks the 51st year of the pageant's existence, and we're excited at the opportunity to send a deserving young woman from the state of Georgia with confidence that she will bring back the national win!" Childers emphasizes.

A special television special is airing on February 16th at 8pm EST on WATL-Atlanta. With a focus on sharing the event's history and related engagement opportunities, it serves a great way for the larger community to be more aware of the event.

In order to compete a delegate must but be between the ages of 18-29, not married, never had a felony, and available for the national pageant. With specific components including (but not limited to) live artists performing, an African dance troupe, spoken word performances, and other related performing arts, potential delegates must be African American or biracial (between the ages of 18-29); all students are encouraged to attend and/or apply. With the grand prize winner receiving cash prizes and/or scholarships up to $1000, a crown and sash, an all expense paid trip to the nationally televised Miss Black America Pageant, access to a designer closet, and other items, it's a truly great engagement and positive exposure opportunity.

For details on pageant eligibility requirements, readers are encouraged to visit the pageant website (click HERE for eligibility requirements). Potential delegates are encouraged to apply (click HERE for delegate information).

There are opportunities for volunteers (click HERE to learn more about volunteering) and talent/performances (via audition) for the event (click HERE to find out about the requirements).

Advocacy through multiple levels of pageantry is what Miranda Childers is committed to doing. In speaking for others and providing access to opportunities for emerging audiences, the potential for making positive inroads is certainly present.

Tune in this Saturday (February 16th) and turn up your support.

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